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Fleetwood Mac: The Incredible Story - In theatres this season!



July 25th, 2019

Fleetwood Mac: The Incredible Story... continues!

After two legendary series of concerts, The Cosmic Carnival's theatre show Fleetwood Mac: The Incredible Story returns to theaters for a new season of shows starting this fall.

New cities, new songs, new faces, new show! 

Please check back for more dates and updates.



May 25th, 2018


“Fleetwood Mac has been pretty truthful. Open about what we do. We've always done it from the inside out. Versus being pressured from the outside and changing the inside. And that's our story.”

A famous quote by Mick Fleetwood. When you think about it… this should be the case with any form of pop music, right? Unfortunately, in reality it’s not… but it’s the thing The Cosmic Carnival appreciates most about Fleetwood Mac. And therefore, we consider them as a major influence on this particular aspect of creating art. Playing in a band, rock and roll… it’s all about raw emotion. 

Commitment and companionship. Sure, you can do it on your own, but you’ll be much happier when you work together as a band. Challenge yourself and your gang of friends, musically and emotionally, while staying true to your hearts. Don’t let them change what makes you special. Concrete minds and plastic times make rare flowers grow. 

While telling Fleetwood Mac’s story in theatres and playing their songs, we became their biggest fans. Their work and legacy, filled with spirit, passion and real life drama. Beautiful ups, terrible downs. And that’s the best fuel for creativity. It’s what makes their odd story so incredible. It takes faith and courage to get on that train. To keep it real and make it special. Fleetwood Mac, they drove the train. From the first day of their existence. With this selection of songs we’ve tried to capture Fleetwood Mac in its essence. Some classic hits, a few fan favourites and some rare beauties added. Hope y’all enjoy yourselves listening to this record. 

We'll see you on the road!


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01. OH WELL (3:10)
02. DREAMS (4:23) 
03. WORLD TURNING (3:19)  
05. TUSK (4:02)  
06. DRAGONFLY (2:52)
07. WILD HEART (3:06)
09. THE CHAIN (5:07)
10. SONGBIRD (3:41)

Recorded at Interstellar Sound Studios, Rotterdam

Mixed & Mastered by Evert Abbing, except tracks 3, 5, 6 & 7, mixed by Evert Abbing & Nicolas Schuit

Photo by Richard Beukelaar

Nicolas Schuit: Guitars, Vocals, Keys, Synths, Percussion
Frank Schalkwijk: Guitars, Vocals
Indra Kartodirdjo: Vocals, Keys, Violin
Mitch Rivers: Guitars, Vocals
Gerben van Etten: Keys
Marlies Kroon: Vocals
Michael Trouserhouses: Bass, Vocals
Kaj van Driel: Drums, Percussion


May 7th, 2018

40 brand new shows, starting this summer!

Fleetwood Mac: The Incredible Story continues with 40 new shows and more to come in The Netherlands in 2018 and 2019. The theatre show, telling the story and built on the legacy of this legendary British/American rock band, proved to be a huge succes in Dutch clubs and theatres this season. The announcement was made this morning on Dutch national radio, accompanied by a live performance of Say You Love Me, a 1975 Fleetwood Mac single.

Tickets are available right now, you’ll find all the dates below the video. Visit TOUR for ticket links and information.

* click 'settings' for HD video

- - -

Back in theatres throughout the Netherlands:

11 aug 2018 Goffertpark Openluchttheater, Nijmegen (festival show)
18 aug 2018 De Wolfsberg, Groesbeek (festival show)
28 sep 2018 Schouwburg Het Park, Hoorn
29 sep 2018 Schouwburg Agnietenhof, Tiel
05 okt 2018 Q-Factory, Amsterdam (club show)
19 okt 2018 Munttheater, Weert 
20 okt 2018 Theaterhotel, Almelo
26 okt 2018 Stadsschouwburg, Middelburg
03 nov 2018 Theater De Voorveghter, Hardenberg
23 nov 2018 Theater De Blauwe Kei, Veghel
27 nov 2018 Parktheater, Eindhoven
07 dec 2018 Theater De Speeldoos, Baarn
14 dec 2018 De Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen (club show)

05 jan 2019 Stadstheater De Bond, Oldenzaal
12 jan 2019 Westlandtheater De Naald, Naaldwijk
17 jan 2019 Theater Harderwijk, Harderwijk
18 jan 2019 De Flint, Amersfoort
01 feb 2019 Isala Theater, Capelle a/d IJssel
02 feb 2019 Theater De Kattendans, Bergeijk
08 feb 2019 Schouwburg De Lawei, Drachten
09 feb 2019 Fleetwood Mac Show, Volendam (no ticket info available yet)
14 feb 2019 Theater Aan De Slinger, Houten
16 feb 2019 Theater Koningshof Maassluis
08 mar 2019 Bres Theater, Brielle
14 mar 2019 Schouwburg Amstelveen, Amstelveen
15 mar 2019 Zinin Theater, Nijverdal
16 mar 2019 Theater Het Kruispunt, Barendrecht
22 mar 2019 Schouwburg Lochem, Lochem
23 mar 2019 Kennemer Theater, Beverwijk
28 mar 2019 Schouwburg Cuijk, Cuijk
06 apr 2019 Theater Aan De Parade, Den Bosch
14 apr 2019 Fleetwood Mac Show, Oostende (no ticket info available yet)
25 apr 2019 Theater De Leest, Waalwijk
08 may 2019 Theater Aan De Schie, Schiedam
10 may 2019 Tilburg Theaters, Tilburg
11may 2019 Schouwburg Amphion, Doetinchem
18 may 2019 Markant, Uden

More to come!

Get your tickets here and we'll see you there!

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August 22nd, 2017


July 3rd, 2017

THE COSMIC CARNIVAL ANNOUNCES US SUMMER TOUR Driving 3000 miles across twelve beautiful States… US tour starts TODAY! 15 rock ’n’ roll shows in 12 great cities, kick-off tonight at The Middle East, Cambridge, Boston. See y’all there, or everywhere!

07-03 BOSTON • The Middle East
07-05 NEW YORK CITY • Pianos
07-06 PHILADELPHIA • Heritage
07-07 BALTIMORE • 1919
07-09 NEW YORK CITY • Rockwood Music Hall
07-11 HARRISONBURG • Wolfe Street Brewing
07-12 KNOXVILLE • Scruffy City
07-13 CHATTANOOGA • JJ's Bohemia
07-14 NASHVILLE • The East Room
07-16 CHICAGO • Elbo Room

07-17 DETROIT - The Old Miami
07-19 BUFFALO • Iron Works
07-20 ROCHESTER • Funk 'n Waffles
07-23 WOODSTOCK • The Lodge

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