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New Album: First Flowers

Also check out our latest Single and Video of Lost And Found!



April 18th, 2017

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'First Flowers' Official Trailer

April 15th, 2017

The wait is almost over! Our new album 'First Flowers' will be out on April 21st, tour starts next week in Paradiso Amsterdam. Enjoy this trailer, created by NOMAR and based on the original artwork by Dennis Wojtkiewicz, featuring snippets of all the new songs. Hope you like 'em!

Video created by NOMAR, original artwork by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Official Artwork 'First Flowers'

April 10th, 2017

Hello! We are so super excited to reveal the official artwork for our new album ‘First Flowers’, available worldwide April 21st.

Rosettes Series #14, oil on canvas, by American hyperrealist painter and draughtsman Dennis Wojtkiewicz, who is responsible for all of the album’s original artwork.

“There’s a lot to say about his work. It may look like a very familiar thing, but it has a grandeur you never noticed before. Patterns of nature, shining brightly at places where you didn’t expect them. A sense of wonder and beauty inside an otherwise commonplace object. Flowers, they’re everywhere. The seeds of life. A full circle. You wouldn’t say, when cutting your lemon, would you?!”

Check out more of Dennis Wojtkiewicz work at:




February 14th, 2017

Can you feel it? Summer is coming, but more important… it’s Valentine’s Day! <3 So here it is, our new single 'YOU', along with a very cool video, made by Jana Kaminski. Hope y'all dig it!

“A sunny groove, straight from the seventies, which sounds like The Bees (UK), mixed with some smooth My Morning Jacket and a slice of classic Bee Gees on top.”

New album First Flowers coming April 18th.



Nicolas, Frank, Indra & Kaj



(Written by Nicolas Schuit)


Nicolas Schuit: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keys, String-Arrangement & Percussion

Frank Schalkwijk: Backing Vocals, Lead Electric Guitar

Indra Kartodirdjo: Lead Violin, Vocals, Backing Vocals

Kaj van Driel: Drums & Percussion



Pascal Konings: Bass

Gerben van Etten: Keys, String-Arrangement


Recorded by The Cosmic Carnival at Interstellar Sound Studios

Mixed by Marcel Fakkers at PAF! Studio

Mastered by Sander van der Heide at Wisseloord


Video by Jana Kaminski



New album 'First Flowers' coming April 18th 2017 on Innercore Music




Bookings: dennis@rocknrollhighschool.nl

Yet another new single - Please Come Home To Me

January 24th, 2017

Our new single ‘Please Come Home To Me’, featuring Frank as the 4th Cosmic Carnival member to take lead vocal duties! Written by Frank and Kaj (another debut) and recorded over the past three months at our Interstellar Sound Studio, with a little help from some friends :-) Hope y’all like it, there's much more to come!


The Cosmic Carnival - Please Come Home To Me

Written by Frank Schalkwijk & Kaj van Driel

Frank Schalkwijk - Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic & electric guitar

Indra Kartodirdjo - Vocals, backing vocals, violin, viola, piano

Nicolas Schuit - Acoustic rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Kaj van Driel - Drums & percussion



Pascal Konings - Bass

David Gram - Pedal Steel

Ramon van Gammeren - Banjo


Recorded by The Cosmic Carnival

Mixed by Marcel Fakkers at Paf! Studio

Mastered by Sander van der Heide at Wisseloord

© The Cosmic Carnival 2017 Art: Dennis Wojtciwicz