The Cosmic Carnival Express - Live! | The Cosmic Carnival

The Cosmic Carnival Express - Live!


01.Rocks & Gravel (traditional)
02.Outlaw Blues (Bob Dylan)
03.Not Fade Away (Charles Hardin/Norman Petty)
04.Sweet Virginia (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)
05.Funny Man (Nicolas Schuit/Gerben van Etten)
06.Meet Me In The Morning (Bob Dylan)
07.Share The Love (Nicolas Schuit/Gerben van Etten)
08.Granny Does Your Dog Bite (traditional)
09.Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby (Gillian Welch/T-Bone Burnett/Alan Lomax/Syney Carter)
10.The Weight (Robbie Robertson)
11.Cash On The Barrelhead (Ira Louvin/Charles Louvin)
12.Run Through The Jungle (John Fogerty)
13.He's Gone (Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
14.Cocaine Habit (traditional)
15.Run On (traditional)
16.This Train Is Bound For Glory (traditional)
17.Rocks & Gravel (traditional)
18.Mystery Train (Herman Parker JR./Sam Philips)
19.Hitches (Nicolas Schuit/Gerben van Etten)

© The Cosmic Carnival 2024 Art: Dennis Wojtciwicz